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Announcement: Real Time Unallocated Lead Notifications
We have just launched a new service to help our broker customers obtain better quality leads from our Cash `n Carry lead store.

Currently you receive a daily email detailing any unallocated leads available for sale in the Cash `n Carry that meet the criteria you have set in the alerts section of the Adviser Zone.
You will be pleased to know that you now also have the option of receiving details of any new, unallocated leads immediately they become available for sale.
This means fresher leads and improved conversions.
As always, leads are sold only once - so, if you receive an alert for a lead that is of interest, we recommend that you act quickly to secure it.
Real-time notification of new unallocated leads is set by default. Should you ever wish to stop receiving real-time notification emails, you can do so with just one click on your alerts page - where you can also select or edit the type of leads you want to hear about.
Happy hunting!
Posted on 2016-08-16 00:00:00