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Quick Cash Loans: Free Eligibility Assessment

Before you begin

In order for us to help you find the right loan solution, we need some detailed information from you.

Please answer all questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible. The more information that you provide us, the more likely we will be able to assist you.

Important information:

For your convenience and to help you complete the form accurately, we have spread our assessment form questions over a number of pages.

To protect your privacy, none of the information that you enter on these pages will be visible to anyone other than yourself until after you submit your application on the final 'confirmation' page.

When you have successfully completed the assessment form, you will be made an offer of a loan. The terms of any loan offers will be made clear to you before you proceed.

Whether or not you proceed to take up any offer is entirely up to you. There is no obligation to proceed with any offer made.

Please Note: Deliberately providing false or misleading information in order to obtain finance is fraud. As part of our anti-fraud tracking procedures, we collect and record the computer ip addresses of all applicants on this website. Your computer ip address has been identified as

Credit Checks.

Whilst we do not do initiate credit checks in order to assess your likely eligibility for a loan, any lender to whom we refer you will most certainly conduct credit checks before making you an offer of a loan.

In the case of short-term cash advance or payday loans, in order to facilitate a fast approval, the lender may initiate a credit agency check automatically (See our Special Privacy Provisions for further information).



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